Group Leader

Associate Professor Jan Seidel


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Visiting Fellows


Associate Professor Sandra Dimitrovska-Lazova



A/Prof. Dimitrovska-Lazova’s research focuses on synthesis, crystallographic characteristics, electric conductivity, catalytic activity and photovoltaic properties of perovskites, including complex inorganic, as well as, hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites.

Postdoctoral Fellows


Dr. Pankaj Sharma



Dr. Sharma’s area of research include scanning probe microscopy techniques, structure-property correlations at the nanoscale, complex-oxides heterostructures, 2D functional interfaces, ferroelectrics, multiferroics, tunnel junctions, and photovoltaics.

PhD Students



Abdullah Alsubaie



My research is focusing on nanoscale strain engineering in ferroic oxide materials, ferroelectric domain structures and domain wall movement in thin films.

dNastaran-Faraji (2)

Nastaran Faraji


I am investigating the conductivity at domain walls in ferroelectrics, performing nanoscale measurements by means of scanning probe microscopy to investigate the electronic properties of conductive oxides, and studying skyrmion systems of multiferroic materials.


Dohyung Kim



I am investigating the conductivity of domains, domain walls and grain boundaries in barium titanate, as well as the magnetic structure of various multiferroic materials at low temperatures.


Gaurav Vats



Gaurav’s research interest spans nanoscale electronics, solid state thermodynamics and energy conversion, ferroelectric photovoltaics, NEMS and nanoscale engineering, ferroelectric and multiferroic materials, oxide heterostructures, multiple attribute decision making and policy making. Currently, he is working on magnetic skyrmions for racetrack memory applications.


Dawei Zhang



Dawei’s research focuses on scanning probe microscopy studies of multiferroic thin films and domain wall engineering in ferroic materials to explore concepts for novel oxide electronics device applications, such as domain wall data storage.


Fei Hou



Fei studies nanoscale properties of functional oxide materials, including complex oxide heterostructures and domain walls of transition metal compounds, with a focus on high-resolution scanning probe microscopy techniques such as scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (STM/STS) .


Fan Ji



Fan’s research focuses on understanding and improving nanoscale functionality of oxide heterostructures such as LAO/STO by means of scanning probe based nanolithography and characterisation methods. The reversible control of the 2D electron gas at oxide interfaces and its applicability to quantum devices are explored.



Dr. Songbai Hu, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, South University of Science and Technology, China

Dr. Yooun Heo, Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, Japan


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